When we met and married some years ago, we had both retired to France. But quickly we were at loose ends as to what to do with all our ‘free’ time. In previous years I had had a summer vacation house here in France and my passion had been to go ‘Brocanting’ at the wonderful flea markets that are traditionally held all over France during the spring, summer and into the autumn months.
It was out of that, that we conceived our business. We now have an old caravan which we have made quite comfortable, and most weekends we set out for a new destination. Always we meet delightful people…French, English, the odd American, Dutch and so on. We have seen much of the breath-taking beauty of this country, sampled amazing regional culinary specialities…and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…and all the while, we are stocking our Etsy shop!

We invite you to visit our Shop to see the many French vintage and antique items we now have in stock…just Click Here:

In our first post, we’ll give an overview of what you might expect to see and find at a typical French Brocante…the sights, the smells, the food, the ‘characters’ and the ‘treasures!’